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Danfoss MBS3000

Controlling the pressure in critical applications such as wind turbines is of great importance as accidents can be fatal. The Danfoss range of compact pressure transmitters offers reliable, accurate measurement at all times, ensuring that even the slightest drop or increase in pressure is detected immediately.

The MBS 3000 pressure transmitter series has been developed for use in harsh industrial environments and offers reliable and accurate pressure measurement – even during the most violent storms. In hydraulic systems with harsh medium influences like cavitation, liquid hammer or pressure peaks, the transmitter is available with an integrated pulse snubber.

The MBS 3000 series features

• High vibration stability
• Pressure range:0-600 bar/0-8700 psi
• Standard output signals: 4-20 mA, 0-5V, 1-5V, 1-6V, 0-10V, 1-10V
• Wide range of pressure and electrical connections
• High degree of EMC/EMI protection
• Fluid temperature up to 125 °C/257 °F
• Approved for marine applications
• Overload pressure – 6xFS (max. 1500 bar/21800 psi)
• Click here for a Danfoss MBS3000 technical data sheet in Adobe Acrobat format

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Typical MBS3000 code numbers
060G1100, 060G1101, 060G1102, 060G1103, 060G1104, 060G1105, 060G1106, 060G1107, 060G1109, 060G1110, 060G1111, 060G1112, 060G1113, 060G1115, 060G1116, 060G1117, 060G1121, 060G1122, 060G1123, 060G1124, 060G1125, 060G1128, 060G1129, 060G1130, 060G1133, 060G1134, 060G1135, 060G1136, 060G1137, 060G1140, 060G1141, 060G1142, 060G1143, 060G1144, 060G1145, 060G1146, 060G1148, 060G1155, 060G1161, 060G1162, 060G1163, 060G1164, 060G1317, 060G1349, 060G1412, 060G1413, 060G1414, 060G1429, 060G1430, 060G1444, 060G1446, 060G1447, 060G1452, 060G1454, 060G1455, 060G1456, 060G1457, 060G1539, 060G1540, 060G1541, 060G1542, 060G1543, 060G1546, 060G1563, 060G1572, 060G1626, 060G1634, 060G1637, 060G1650, 060G1720, 060G1723, 060G1724, 060G1829, 060G1830, 060G1839, 060G1840, 060G1841, 060G1842, 060G1848, 060G1856, 060G1899, 060G1911, 060G1912, 060G1913, 060G1925, 060G1930, 060G1931, 060G1932, 060G1936, 060G1938, 060G1980, 060G3502, 060G3503, 060G3518, 060G3520, 060G3525, 060G3526, 060G3527, 060G3540, 060G3559, 060G3596, 060G3597, 060G3605, 060G3606, 060G3610, 060G3613, 060G3614, 060G3641, 060G3645, 060G3703, 060G3705, 060G3706, 060G3711, 060G3723, 060G3727, 060G3733, 060G3734, 060G3737, 060G3744, 060G3756, 060G3767, 060G3777, 060G3778, 060G3779, 060G3780, 060G3790, 060G3791, 060G3793, 060G3794, 060G3801, 060G3812, 060G3813, 060G3814, 060G3815, 060G3816, 060G3817, 060G3818, 060G3819, 060G3820, 060G3821, 060G3822, 060G3823, 060G3824, 060G3825, 060G3826, 060G3827, 060G3828, 060G3829, 060G3830, 060G3831, 060G3832, 060G3833, 060G3842, 060G3853, 060G3856, 060G3857, 060G3871, 060G3872, 060G3897, 060G3898, 060G3902, 060G3911, 060G3912, 060G3915, 060G3916, 060G3918, 060G3937, 060G3939, 060G3940, 060G3942, 060G3943, 060G3944, 060G3945, 060G3946, 060G3947, 060G3948, 060G3966, 060G3982, 060G3983, 060G3984, 060G3988, 060G3989, 060G3992, 060G3995, 060G3996, 060G5516, 060G5524, 060G5538, 060G5540, 060G5547, 060G5552, 060G5559, 060G5560, 060G5561, 060G5572, 060G5576, 060G5577, 060G5578, 060G5580, 060G5581, 060G5582, 060G5583, 060G5586, 060G5591, 060G5594, 060G5595, 060G5596, 060G5597, 060G5608, 060G5609, 060G5613, 060G5637, 060G5638, 060G5639, 060G5652, 060G5653, 060G5659, 060G5660, 060G5694, 060G5695, 060G5696, 060G5705, 060G5713, 060G5729, 060G5759, 060G5765, 060G5767, 060G5768, 060G5769, 060G5770, 060G5773, 060G5778, 060G5779, 060G5786, 060G5793, 060G5799, 060G5819, 060G5820, 060G5828, 060G5861, 060G5863, 060G5876, 060G5877, 060G5878, 060G5879, 060G5880, 060G5884, 060G5889, 060G5894, 060G5898, 060G5899, 060G5902, 060G5915, 060G5917, 060G5923, 060G5940, 060G5941, 060G5942

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