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Danfoss - Industrial Automation Division

Danfoss distributors, main agents and stockists, M&M Controls supply a wide range of products engineered to meet applications in every sector of the market. From autoclaves to windmills, Medical to Petroleum, Danfoss products are designed to fit your unique requirements.
Around the world, Danfoss makes modern living possible.  From pressure transmitters and temperature switches to solenoid valves and motor control gear, Danfoss offers a complete product line of industrial controls to improve productivity and lower costs across a variety of industries.

Danfoss Industrial Automation Product Ranges

> Solenoid valves
The range of solenoid valves is a result of more than 50 years' experience as a supplier of valves for numerous industrial applications. Direct or servo-operated solenoid valves suitable for liquid, suction and hot gas lines.
The solenoid valve program includes valves suitable for most open and closed systems.
- 1/8" to 4" bsp pipe sizes
- 2 and 3 way versions 
- Direct, Servo and Assisted lift operated versions. 
- Normally open & closed (NC/NO) versions. 
- WRAS (WRC) Approvals
- ATEX Coil approvals
- Valves for Steam and Proportional valves. 
- Valves for both neutral and aggressive liquids and gases 
- Valves with very small to very large flow capacities
Products types include:-  EV210A, EV210B, EV215B, EV220A, EV220B, EV222B, EV224B, EV225B, EV245B (EVJHS 15/20) EV250, EV260B, EV310A, EV310B, VV

> Coils for valves
A wide range of Solenoid Coil voltages are available in Ingress Protection grades IP65 and IP67, enabling installation in wet and aggressive environments. ATEX approved versions are available.
Products types include:-  AB, AC, AK, AM, BA, BB, BE, BG, BL, BM, BN, BR, BO

> Externally operated valves 
Danfoss offer a range of compact axial, straight seat and angle seat pneumatically operated valves. Externally operated angle seat valves 2/2-way are designed for liquids, gases, steam and some aggressive fluids including vacuum services. The superior design of the piston is unique to the market, enabling the plug to retract farther from the flow path, ensuring the highest flow capacity. The dual packing design, and a large diameter self aligning stem insures the highest cycle life for sterilizers, autoclaves, and many other industrial applications. 
Externally operated valves are the optimum valve choice when a standard solenoid valve is not able to do the job.
Products types include:-  AV210, EV220X, HP220, HP230N

> Thermostatically operated valves
Thermostatically operated valves are used for the infinite, proportional regulation of flow quantity, depending on the setting and the sensor temperature.
This range includes a series of industrial quality valves for both cooling and heating controls. The valves are self-acting, i.e. they operate without the supply of auxiliary energy such as electricity or compressed air. 
Advantages to this valve type include:-
- Insensitive to dirt 
- Insensitive to water pressure 
- Needs no power supply - self acting 
- The valve can be placed in any position 
- The reliable fit and forget valve
Products types include:-  AVTA, AVTB, WVTS, BVTS, FJVA,

> Pressure transmitters
Pressure transmitters help you keep demanding industrial processes under control. Accurate, robust and built for long life, they perform reliably day after day, even in the harshest marine environments.
The transmitters are designed around thin film technology which ensures exceptional accuracy, fast response time and long-term stability. 
The MBS series are available with an integrated pulse-snubber in the transmitter (transducer) to prevent dangerous cavitations and liquid hammering at the diaphragm. 
Products types include:-  AKS, EMP2, MBT3560, MBT5560, MBT9110, MBS32, MBS33, MBS33M, MBS1200, MBS1250, MBS1300, MBS1350, MBS1900, MBS2050, MBS2250, MBS3000, MBS3050, MBS3100, MBS3150, MBS3200, MBS3250, MBS4010, MBS4050, MBS4201, MBS4251, MBS4500, MBS4701, MBS4751, MBS5100, MBS5150, MBS8200, MBS8250, 

> Pressure switches
Pressure switches are used for regulating, monitoring and alarm systems. Their versatility is virtually unlimited and all products are accurate, reliable and built to last. Typical applications include sea carriage, general industry as well as food and beverage processing - wherever accuracy and reliability is required in hostile and extreme industrial and marine environments.
Danfoss Pressure switches range from single to dual to differential types.
Products types include:-  BCP, CS, CAS, MBC, KP, KPI, KPS, RT

> Pressure switches, differential 
The range of differential pressure switches includes components for general industrial use as well as specialised switches for demanding applications.
Products types include:-  CAS, MBC, RT

> Temperature sensors
The range of temperature sensors is based on decades of global experience within the marine industry, engine management and in refrigeration plants - undoubtedly some of the toughest environments around. Even in these demanding surroundings you can trust Danfoss sensors; they have a long life thanks to their robust design.
Depending on the temperature sensor technology, the output signal from the sensor can be: 
- Ohm, RTD, NTC/PTC 
- Voltage, Thermocouples 
- mA/Voltage, transmitters
Products types include:-  MBT113, MBT120, MBT150, MBT152, MBT153, MBT156, MBT3270, MBT3300, MBT3560, MBT5111, MBT5113, MBT5116, MBT5210, MBT5250, MBT5252, MBT5253, MBT5260, MBT5310, MBT5410, MBT5430, MBT5560, MBT5721, MBT5722, MBT9110

> Temperature switches 
Temperature switches are used for regulating, monitoring and alarm systems. Their versatility is virtually unlimited and all products are accurate, reliable and built to last. Applications range from sea carriage, general industry as well as food and beverage processing - wherever accuracy and reliability are required in hostile and extreme environments.
Typical industries include:-
- Construction
- Boilers
- Hydraulic Systems
- Marine 
- Windpower
- Industrial Applications
Products types include:-  CAS, KP, KPS, MBC, RT

> Temperature switches, differential
Differential thermostats are used in process plants, ventilation plants, refrigeration and heating plants, where there is a need to maintain a certain temperature difference, from 0 - 20° C, between two media. One of the sensors is used as a reference, the other as an indirect controlled variable. (The direct controlled variable is the temperature differential).
Products types include:-  RT

> Electronic soft starters
The CI-tronic MCI soft starter range are designed for soft starting and stopping of 3 phase a.c. motors,
- Pump protection - longer lifetime
- Reduce starting current - avoid voltage drops
- Reduce water hammering - no damaged piping
- Reduce maintenance costs - avoid damage to pipe work
Products types include:-  MCI, TCI

> Contactors & Motor Starters
The contactor range include mini-contactors from 2.2. to 4 kW and control relays/ contactors from 2.2 to 238 kW.
The range of auxiliary functions and accessories is very comprehensive and includes: auxiliary contact blocks, timer blocks, interface modules, suppression blocks, mechanical interlocks, rating plates and many more.
Products types include:-  ATI, BTI, CI, CIM, CTI, ECI, MCI, MTI, SD, TI 

> Accessories & Spare Parts - See individual product ranges.

Danfoss Automation - Standard Product List 2011.         Click To View   2011 Price List pdf   
AVTA Products
003N0045, 003N0046, 003N0047, 003N0050, 003N0062, 003N0075, 003N0078, 003N0091, 003N0107, 003N0108, 003N0109, 003N0155, 003N0192, 003N0196, 003N0388, 003N1144, 003N1162, 003N2132, 003N2162, 003N2182, 003N3132, 003N3162, 003N3182, 003N4132, 003N4150, 003N4162, 003N4182, 

Pressure & Temperature Switches
017-403066, 017-422066, 017-424066, 017-436066, 017-437066, 017-500366, 017-500466, 017-500666, 017-502266, 017-503666, 017-504866, 017-506066, 017-513566, 017-513666, 017-513966, 017-514066, 017-514166, 017-515566, 017-518166, 017-518266, 017-518766, 017-518866, 017-518966, 017-519166, 017-519266, 017-519666, 017-520366, 017-520466, 017-520866, 017-521466, 017-521566, 017-522066, 017-522466, 017-522766, 017-523166, 017-523766, 017-523866,017-523966, 017-525566, 017-526266, 017-526966, 017-529166, 017-529566, 017D002766,

Solenoid Coils - High Performance
018F6701, 018F6702, 018F6707, 018F6732, 018F6757, 018F6857, 018F7301, 018F7351, 018F7352, 018F7353, 018F7358, 018F7360, 018F7361, 018F7363, 018F7365, 018F7396, 018F7397, 018Z0290, 018Z0291, 

CS Switches
031E020066, 031E020566, 031E021066, 031E021566, 031E022066,031E022566, 031E023066, 031E023566, 031E024566, 031E025066, 031E025566, 031E029166, 031E029866, 

Solenoid Valve Bodies - Compact Range EV210A
032H8000, 032H8001, 032H8002, 032H8003, 032H8004, 032H8005, 032H8006, 032H8007, 032H8008, 032H8009, 032H8014, 032H8015, 032H8016, 032H8017, 032H8018, 032H8087, 032H8089, 032H8095, 032H8097, 032H8099, 032H8125,

Steam Coils
032K140902, 032K143682, 032K143684, 032K143685,

Solenoid Valve Spares
032U0150, 032U0296, 032U1060, 032U1063, 032U1065, 032U1066, 032U1068, 032U1070, 032U1071, 032U1072, 032U1073, 032U1074, 032U1075, 032U1076, 032U1077, 032U1078, 032U1079, 032U1080, 032U1081, 032U1082, 

Solenoid Valve - High Performance Range
032U1236, 032U1237, 032U1238, 032U1239, 032U1241, 032U1242, 032U1246, 032U1247, 032U1249, 032U1251, 032U1252, 032U1255, 032U1256, 032U1260, 032U1261, 032U1263, 032U1266,032U145816, 032U145831, 032U146131, 032U147002, 032U147016, 032U147031, 032U148002, 032U148016, 032U148031, 032U151802, 032U151816, 032U151831, 032U153802, 032U153816, 032U153831, 032U157102, 032U157116, 032U157131, 032U158002, 032U158016, 032U158031, 032U161402, 032U161416, 032U161431, 032U162402, 032U162416, 032U162431, 032U300399, 032U300484, 032U300499, 032U300584, 032U300599,032U300682, 032U300684, 032U300699, 032U300784, 032U300799, 032U3171, 032U3172, 032U3173, 032U3601, 032U3605, 032U3606, 032U3607, 032U3608, 032U3615, 032U3616, 032U3617, 032U3618, 032U3619, 032U3620, 032U3621, 032U3622, 032U3623, 032U3624, 032U3629, 032U3642, 032U3643, 032U451402, 032U451416, 032U451431, 032U453002, 032U453016, 032U453031, 032U453402, 032U453416, 032U453431, 032U456802, 032U456816, 032U456831, 032U458502, 032U458516, 032U458531, 032U460402, 032U460416, 032U460431, 032U4901, 032U4904, 032U4919, 032U5250, 032U5251, 032U5252, 032U5253, 032U5254, 032U5255, 032U5256, 032U5257, 032u5271, 032U5273, 032U528602, 032U528616, 032U528631, 032U528702, 032U528716, 032U528731, 032U5315, 032u5317, 032U5350, 032U5352, 032U5354, 032U5356, 032U537231, 032U537431, 032U537631, 032U5702, 032U5704, 032U5705, 032U5706, 032U5708, 032U5709, 032U5710, 032U5815, 032U5820, 032U5832, 032U5840, 032U5850, 032U6015, 032U7115, 032U7116, 032U7117, 032U7120, 032U7121, 032U7122, 032U7125, 032U7126, 032U7127, 032U7132, 032U7133, 032U7134, 032U7140, 032U7141, 032U7142, 032U7150, 032U7151, 032U7152, 032U7170, 032U7171, 032U7172, 032U7173, 032U7174, 032U7175, 032U7180, 032U7181, 032U7182, 032U7183, 032U7184, 032U7185,

037H001531, 037H001831, 037H002113, 037H002116, 037H002131, 037H002132, 037H002137, 037H002231, 037H003116, 037H003131, 037H003132, 037H003137, 037H003231, 037H004131, 037H004137, 037H004531, 037H004931, 037H005031, 037H005116, 037H005132, 037H005137, 037H005532, 037H005631, 037H006131, 037H007131, 037H007132, 037H0076, 037H008031, 037H010066, 037H010466, 037H010666, 

Contactor Auxiliary Contacts & Coils
037H0110, 037H0111, 037H0112, 037H0113, 037H0114, 037H0121, 037H0122, 037H306113, 037H306132, 037H306213, 037H306232, 037H306313, 037H306332, 037H3064, 037H3065, 037H3069, 

037H308122, 037H308131, 037H308137, 037H308222, 037H308231, 037H308237,037H311413, 037H311432, 037H311513, 037H311532, 037H311623, 037H311632, 037H311633, 037H311713, 037H311723, 037H311732, 037H314302, 037H314402, 037H314502, 037H314602, 037H3151, 037H3152, 037H321013, 037H321032, 037H321113, 037H321132, 037H325932, 037H333916, 037H333922, 037H333931, 037H345713, 037H345732, 037H345813, 037H345832, 037H346002, 037H6062, 037H6072, 037H6078, 037H6084, 037H6087, 037H6088, 037H6461, 037H6463, 037H6469, 037H6478, 037H6479, 037H6484, 037H6487, 037H6488, 037H807166, 037H807366,

Electronic Soft Starters
037N0037, 037N0039, 037N0045, 037N0046, 037N0062, 037N0070, 037N0074, 037N0076, 037N0086, 037N0095, 037N0096, 037N0097, 037N0111, 037N0112, 037N0150, 037N0151, 037N0152, 037N0153, 

Solenoid Coils - Standard Range
042N0139, 042N0156, 042N0800, 042N0802, 042N0803, 042N0821, 042N0823, 042N0824, 042N0840, 042N0842, 042N0843, 042N0848, 042N4400, 042N4402, 042N4404, 042N4406, 042N4408, 042N4409, 042N4451, 042N4452, 042N4453, 042N4454, 042N4455, 042N7501, 042N7502, 042N7504, 042N7508, 042N7510, 042N7512, 042N7550, 042N7551, 

Isolating Diaphragm Kits
042U1009, 042U1010, 

Solenoid Valve Bodies - Compact Range EV220A
042U4001, 042U4003, 042U4011, 042U4012, 042U4013, 042U4014, 042U4022, 042U4024, 042U4031, 042U4032, 042U4041, 042U4042, 042U4053, 042U4063, 042U4074, 042U4082, 042U4084, 042U4085, 042U4086, 042U4087, 042U4088, 042U4089, 042U4092,

Contactor Covers
047B010266, 047B010466, 047B010666,

Circuit Breakers
047B3014, 047B3015, 047B3040, 047B3042, 047B3051, 047B3052, 047B3053, 047B3054, 047B3055, 047B3056, 047B3057, 047B3058, 047B3059, 047B3061, 047B3091, 047B3142, 047B3143, 047B3144, 047B3145, 07B3146, 047B3147, 047B3148, 047B3149, 047B3150, 047B3151, 047B3152, 047B3164, 047B3165, 047B3198, 047B3200, 047B3203, 047B3284, 047B3285,

Clip On Timers
047H0170, 047H0173, 047H0174, 047H0175, 047H0180, 047H0181, 047H0183, 047H0184, 047H0185, 047H0190,

Thermal Overloads - TI
047H0200, 047H0201, 047H0202, 047H0203, 047H0204, 047H0205, 047H0206, 047H0207, 047H0208, 047H0209, 047H0210, 047H0211, 047H0212, 047H0213, 047H0214, 047H0215, 047H1013, 047H1014, 047H1015, 047H1016, 047H1017, 047H1018, 047H3063, 047H3065, 047H3066, 047H3067, 047H3068, 047H3075, 047H3076, 047H3092, 047H3093, 047H3099, 047H3104, 047H3105, 047H3111, 047H3112,

Pressure Switches - KPS, CAS, KP, KPI
060-016966, 060-062866, 060-104766, 060-110866, 060-113366, 060-118966, 060-121766, 060-310066, 060-310166, 060-310266, 060-310366, 060-310466, 060-310566, 060-310666,060-310766, 060-310866, 060-310966, 060-311066, 060-312066, 060-312166, 060-312266, 060-313066, 060-315066, 060-315166, 060-316066, 060-316166, 060-316266, 060-333266, 060-333366, 060-508166, 060-538666, 060-538766,

Accessories & Spare Parts For Pressure Transmitters
060G0005, 060G0007, 060G0008, 060G0252, 060G1034, 060G1105, 060G1106, 060G1107, 060G1109, 060G1111, 060G1113, 060G1122, 060G1123, 060G1124, 060G1125, 060G1133, 060G1151, 060G1152, 060G1153, 

Pressure Transmitters - MBS
060G1408,060G1430, 060G1438, 060G2418, 060G2419, 060G2420, 060G2421, 060G2501, 060G2502, 060G2503, 060G2505, 060G2506, 060G2510, 060G2850, 060G3006, 060G3008, 060G3009, 060G3010, 060G3011, 060G3012, 060G3013, 060G3014, 060G3015, 060G3019, 060G3124, 060G3125, 060G3126, 060G3212, 060G3213, 060G3214,

Temperature Switch - KPS
060L112566, 060L112666, 060L117166, 060L118466, 060L120066, 060L310166, 060L310266, 060L310366, 060L310466, 060L310566, 060L310666, 060L310866, 060L311266, 060L311866, 060L312166, 060L312666, 060L312866,060L312966, 060L313066, 060L315666, 060L326266, 060L326366, 060L326466, 060L326566, 060L326766, 060L326866, 060L326966, 060L327166, 060L332666, 060L332866, 060L332966, 060L333066, 060L333166, 060L333366,

Pressure Transmitters - Ship Approved
060N1035, 060N1036, 060N1037, 060N1039, 060N1063, 060N1064, 060N1065, 060N1066,

Danfoss Compact Pressure Switches - MBC
061B000266, 061B000466, 061B000566, 061B001066, 061B100266, 061B100366, 061B100466, 061B100566, 061B110866, 061B128066, 061B200066, 061B200566, 061B301266, 061B500066, 061B500166, 061B500266, 061B6002, 061B6003, 061B7000, 061B720201, 061B720601,

Pressure Transmitter - EMP 2
084G2101, 084G2106, 084G2107, 084G2109, 084G2111, 084G2113,

Temperature Sensors - MBT
084Z4032, 084Z4034, 084Z4037, 084Z4039, 084Z6055, 084Z8006, 084Z8008, 084Z8010, 084Z8011, 084Z8012, 084Z8014, 084Z8019, 084Z8022, 084Z8036, 084Z8039, 084Z8042, 084Z8043, 084Z8056, 084Z8066, 084Z8083, 084Z8134,084Z8146, 084Z8181, 084Z8183, 084Z8210, 084Z8211, 084Z8214, 084Z8215, 084Z8216, 084Z8217, 084Z8218, 084Z8220

Danfoss Nessie®
High-Pressure Water Technology
Nessie high pressure controls offer solutions for a variety of industries including fire fighting, reverse osmosis, industrial cleaning and water hydraulics to name but a few. Their stainless steel high pressure products range includes valves, pumps, power packs, cylinders and nozzles.

The stainless steel valves are designed for tap water operation, and the pressure range goes to 210 bar. The most used variants are the VRH 30, the VDH 60 and the Cetop3 4/3, but the variant depends on the size of the system. The VOCH and VCH flow valves are also used in the systems.
The relief valve is used for protecting the components in a system against overload as a result of a pressure peak. Further, the valve is designed for controlling/limiting the system pressure by draining off the surplus water from the pressure side. Two versions of the directional valve are used. The 2/2 way valve is used for emergency shut downs while the Cetop valve version is used during normal operations.
Comprehensive valve range:
• Relief valves 30, 60 and 120 l/min
• Solenoid valves ON/OFF – 2, 30, 60,120 and 150 l/min
• Proportional and servo valves – 30 l/min
• Flow control, check valves etc. – 30, 60 and 120 l/min
• HIC valve blocks

The pumps are designed to supply water flow under high pressure based on the axial piston principle enabling a very light and compact design. The pump design ensures that lubrication of the moving parts in the pumps is provided by the water itself. No oil lubrication is thus required.
All parts included in the pumps are designed for long service life performance, i.e. long service life with a constantly high efficiency and minimum of service required. The pumps are fixed displacement pumps where the flow is proportional to the number of revolutions of the input shaft and the pump displacement.
Technical data:
• Geometric
• displacement: 2-80 cm³/rev.
• Flow range: 3-112 l/min
• 0.8-30 GPM
• Power: up to 33 kW
• Pressure range: up to 160

• Stainless steel for standard cylinders
• Standard cylinders vary from diameter 25-80 mm and 100 -2000 strokes
• Standard and custom designs
• Designed for water, based on existing and proven technology

Power Packs/Pump Units
• Standard and custom designed power packs/pump units
• Valves can be mounted on the standard power unit
• Modular valve system to suit individual installations
• Control box is optional
• Compact and easy to install
• Designed for tap water using non-corrosive materials
• Long operational life without maintenance
Flow rate for standard versions:
1.3-220 l/min / 0.3-58 GPM
Maximum pressure for standard versions:
160 bar

Refrigeration and air conditioning
Danfoss Refrigeration
Danfoss believe some of the refrigeration industry’s most pressing challenges present an opportunity to excel by engineering innovative refrigeration components including solenoid valves, thermostats and pressure switches that help address the energy, environmental and food safety concerns of today.
The Danfoss Refrigeration and Air Conditioning controls product range includes thermostatic expansion valves, solenoid valves, thermostat and pressure controls,modulation pressure regulators, filter driers, shut-off valves, sight glasses, check valves, non-return valves and water valves.

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